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Winemakers for several generations, deeply attached to their roots and fascinated by wine, the LEQUART House has been working on its 10-hectare vineyards located in the village of PASSY GRIGNY, in the heart of the Marne Valley.

To produce high-quality Champagnes, they have been practicing organic winemaking techniques for 15 years with respect for the environment.

In 2010’s, Laurent decided to mainly focused his production with the main grape variety of the Marne Valley: The MEUNIER. The major part of his vineyard is planted with MEUNIER (80%).

Currently, Laurent works with his wife NATHALIE, and the LAURENT’s dream is to see CORENTIN (5th generation), his older son, joining the estate.



The MEUNIER is very important in the current range. LAURENT is able to provide 4 “100% Meunier” with 4 différents styles. From the fruity to the oaky one.

Furthermore, with around 1 hectare for both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Laurent elaborated also a 100% Chardonnay & “100% Pinot”, from the Marne Valley. All the production is located around Passy-Grigny (+ Saint Gemme & Verneuil)

The Marne Valley is really important for the Champagne style. Indeed, in the wines, there are influences from clay, sand, Marne & of course limestone.


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